26th Annual Mayor's Proud Partner
Awards Nomination Form

Deadline for Form: Friday, August 20, 2010
Incomplete submission will not be considered.
Submissions will be evaluated on the following Criteria:
  • Any program, project or individual effort completed during the last year to create a cleaner, more beautiful environment is eligible.

Nominee Information


For Correspondence (If other than nominee)


Project Summary

(Brief history or background of the individual, organization or company performing the project.)
(List of resulting benefits to the community. Include relevant statistics.)
(List your partners & volunteers and describe their level of involvement in your activities.)
(List how your activities improved, beautified and preserved the visual aspects of your coummity, or helped to change people's attitudes and behaviours, or minimized the impact of waste and promoted responsible waste handling.)
(Description of the project's total budget and fund raising method.)
(If applicable, an explanation of how the project will continue in the future.)

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